Registered Industrial Design: D2008/878/F 08-01079-0101

Posture Chair For Children

Elastic backrest and cushion which is helpful for the healthy growth of children, the hight with 6 sizes is according with the standard of national education administration. It adapts to big, middle and small-class Kindergarten and elementary school as well as middle school. It is made of imported PE material and is durable and colorfast, environmental friendly, light and can be put together to save space, etc. The quality cannot be influenced by the difference temperature and normally can be used for more than 6 years.

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Standing Standing on two legs
It's strong and stable, the legs will not bed or break, amazingly withstanding a weight of 120kg.
It's suitable for children or students, comfortable while helping to maintain the correct posture for healthy bone growth.
kindergarten, primary & secondary school, university study shair & tabale series. More than 6 years under normal used. Light and stackable, secure and recyclable, colorfast and durable.