Registered Industrial Design: D2008/878/F 08-01079-0101

Posture Table

Posture Table P-001ML
L1220 x D610 x H480,
520 & 560
Posture Table P-002ML
L620 x D620 x H480,
520 & 560
Posture Table P-003ML
L1220 x D550 x H480,
520 & 560
Posture Table P-004ML
L1150 x D480,
520 & 560
Posture Table P-005ML
L1650 x D900 x H480,
520 & 560
Posture Table P-007PL
R850 x H520
Posture Table P-050PL
L620 x D620 x H520

Features of Posture Tables

  • It won't be droopy with 100kg in 24hours.
  • It won't be bubbly and anamorphic in the water for 48 hours.
  • Any dirt on the surface can be clean by asphatic cleanser or omnipotentwater cleanser.
  • With rubber mat under the stands, it is antiskating and scratch floor.

Study Table

Study Table-A
560mm(L) x 510mm(D) x 760mm(H)
Kindergarten Table-B
560mm(L) x 510mm(D) x 520mm(H)
Multifunctional Study Case
L610 x D450 x H680
730 & 760

Features of Multifunctional Study Table:

  • Table stand is fixed with ABS sleeve to avoid noise and anti-scratch for floorand table top can be freely adjusted for comfort and elaxation for eyes and neck.
  • Table top is fixed with drawer for student use.
  • Table top with ABS antifatigue material.
  • Plastic ejection with ellipse steel tube, 30 x 50mm.
kindergarten, primary & secondary school, university study shair & tabale series. More than 6 years under normal used. Light and stackable, secure and recyclable, colorfast and durable.