It's about freedom to achieve

3 ways to arrange your work space :

Hybrid Panel System - An innovative panel system that works smart and embraces the modern work culture. It blends perfectly in every room and promotes the process of collaboration with its easy connectivity. The purposeful design reduces costs as panels are designed to convert limited space into working stations.

  • Connectors allow easy configurations of 3 to 6 to 9 work settings
  • Sleek, ergonomic contoured tabletop is fashioned with precision to ensure stability
  • Low Panel barriers facilities interactions, communications & knowledge sharing

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It's about aesthetical engineering

3 ways to arrange your work space :

Functional Cluster of 4 System - Open concept. Freestanding. Productive. This unique system allows you to adapt to areas with limited space where a functional layout works best. It offers geometrical connectivity, generous personal space and better communication between co-worker.

  • Ergonomic design enhances comfort and safety
  • Functional layout where space is premium
  • Individual workspace can be enhanced with compact modular integration
  • Power and Communication outlets are within easy reach and covered cables keep wires out of sight

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It's about superb versatility

Multi Tasking Panel System - A fully flexible multi tasking system brings the complexities of designing to a minimum. Focused on flexibility, mobility and adaptability, it combines simple forms and clear structure with details that meet diverse user needs. It's the work place of today for the business of tomorrow.


It's about simplicity

Integrated Work System - As easy as 1, 2 and 3, this work system is clean, slim yet designed to be extremely functional, space-saving and durable. With adjustable height panels that provide privacy while maintaining the flexibility in reconfiguration and data mangement, this purposeful design provides good value for money and reduces costs.

  • Partition panels provide privacy by dividing work space yet offer flexibility of data management
  • Mobile pedestals are space-saving storage units that make work easier and fit into all work stations
  • Exclusivity of space to support confidentiality, security and concentration at work

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It's about innovative ideas

Individual Space System - Supporting the sleek, contoured tabletop is a reinforced structure that ensures stability and performance. The ergonomically curved work surface creates shapes that reflect a harmonious work place. Practical features and simple components compliment the work space.

  • Reinforced base frame designed with the latest laser-cutting technology
  • Ergonomic features ensure comfort and safety work
  • Combines simple forms with design details to meet diverse user needs

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It's about exclusivity

The Kidney L - Shaped Executive Table:
Providing a complete set system design and integration solution for today's modern executive, this office system is designed to keep pace with evolving workplace needs.

  • Compact work top offers maximum functionality with minimum effort
  • Cabinets in matching colours present a seamless flow of work dynamics

The Eco Kidney L - Shaped Managerial Table:
Robust, cosmopolitan and commanding, this office system creates a dynamic working environment focused on privacy, adaptability and superb functionality.

  • A versatile office solution with compact work top and matching cabinets
  • Offers a functional layout where space is premium

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Profive Series is the ultimate choice in office space solutions. Creating useful spaces for different activities and enhancing flow around the office landscape, the PRO FIVE SERIES is ideal to design office spaces, cubies, reception stations or call centres for any office environment.